Saturday, August 1, 2015

Writing Camp NaNoWriMo 2015

Where to get the motivation
for August, now?
I am glad it is over.  I am officially a winner! My word count has been validated and now the prizes are online to scoop up goodies and 'go home'.  This camp was low key, for me.  There seemed to be more video pep-talks, enthusiastic camp counselors, and useful tip-givers; but, I took a sort of 'just get through this' approach.  And, I did!  I'm happy.  34,000 words of a novel I really like, so far, and intend to work on just as much in August as I did in July (honestly, maybe a little more) until I have a novel I love.  My book title transformed from Camp to Dragon Camp to The Butterfly Specialist.  I hope, with the goodies and prizes, to have it line edited and ready to publish in September 2015.  Fast and friendly would be my summation of Camp NaNoWriMo 2015.  If you want to write novel - fast - with friendly enthusiasts and helpful tips, it really is priceless and very worth the cost!!  No commutes, just a lot of walking and walking.

Two indie author resource sites - from some of the NaNo campfires - that I thought deserved a look or the full, video tour:  Two New Resources Found At Camp.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Camp Time Again!!

It is July, and so with hot days, open windows at night, mosquitos, and a longing to dip into a pool comes the obsessive need to get my 1000 to 2000 words written for camp.  This year I started by calling my novel Camp, but changed to The Butterfly Specialist last week.  Speaking of change - its time for the Character Archetype!  I love believe-ability, even with dragons and cyber-punk dystopians, as I reader I want to believe!  This worksheet helps with your arc of change the character goes through.  Helps you set motivation, build tension, break your character at a proper breaking point to move him/her/self to change, and then slide down the arc taking prisoners, resisting and dying, or whatever your character is going to do.  This year, I have typed out all the words in the video so that you don't have to take notes or watch the entire thing for suggestions to create your own character arc worksheet.  Here you go, campers!!  Subscribe to my vlog: New videos every Tuesday and Saturday and every other Wednesday.

Click read more for the typed version of this video.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

New Page for Faerie and Dragon Book Fans

Awesomeness by Tony DeTerlizzi for The Spiderwick
Chronicles by Holly Black.
While balancing blog and vlog work loads, I recently began to listen to audio books.  While painting a boat and listening to dragons take the harbor, I thought about making a dragon.  Later, I went off to bed and read about faeries and princes before falling asleep.  A sleep that would entangle dragon magic with the darkest parts of the faerie forest.  After escaping and using a machete like a sword to return to my bed, I awoke determined to give myself more time for adventures during daylight hours.  First, I crafted a Dark Forest Faery Prince, along with my book review, and then I crossed out faery wings for July's vlog post and rewrote Dragon Wings as the last words for another YA book review about the audio book were typed.

First steps to this new adventure start here! Craft A Review

Monday, March 30, 2015

Free List of Prompts For Writers

There is always something to write about so why would anyone want a list of writing prompts? (You might be asking.) Prompts help us reach a little deeper - or maybe not as deep as usual, which can also be a good exercise if you reach deep most of the time. In other words, they take our imaginations where we might not normally go. I used to teach yoga, and so each class was a great class - for me. I was teaching what I wanted to do. When I wanted to practice, I did what I thought I might teach in a class - also what I wanted to do. In order to get out of this rut, each week, I made myself do a yoga tape with a different teacher than myself, so that I would have to do someone else's class of poses. They were from the same universal list of poses, but my mind didn't reach for them, consciously or

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Quotes from the Underworld

Book 3, The Nebulizer Potion and the Electric Compass, has been read online in a View for Review.  Here are a few quote to help you recognize and find Books 1 and 2 in the trilogy: The Vampire DeAngeliuson.
  1. "Silly witches, goats are for kids!"
  2. "..maybe it is I who should call around the neighborhood to let people know a vampire - my wife - is going out."
  3. "In a Rock-Paper-Scissors game of Underworlders, Vampire beats Witch, anyday!"
  4. " a scene out of the Underworld’s In Between only with the undead, night nixies and lurkers instead of trolls."
  5. “"Winker's jinx! I forgot to read ahead.  How do I get out of bat form?" Jessica totters off back toward the opening of the drain pipe and waits for Crucious Port."
  6. "Crucious points and yells at the Witch as she rides off, “Killer!”"
  7. "“Yes, please,” Drew encourages her, “do tell me if I should run for another town.”
Wondering about Book 2?  Hopefully, these won't spoil it all for you!!
  1. “And by Prestigious, you mean Vampire?…”   “You don’t have to be so condescending about it."
  2. "FYI - dear readers, if you ever find yourselves alone at night with a vision who utters ‘looks like you’ve seen a ghost’ your only hope of escape is trying the secret handshake which I have, just now, divulged to you.  Afterall, anyone could just say they are - a vampire - I suppose; but, these two are for real, and trust me, they know more than just the handshake."
  3. "The Witch sucks the entire thing into her mouth and spits it hard, back at him, hitting him right square in the eye."
  4. "Only a Witch won't change her shoes!"
  5. “O powers of cruel intentions!  I thought this door led to the way out!”  Jessica wails in disappointment.
  6. "...but the door is closed and there is no sight of the beast out front.
  7. “Did you shut that?” Theopolis asks Jessica."
The Legend of Stygian Downs, author Kara Skye Smith.

More ideas for kids on Valentines Day?  Browsing Pinterest, the most awesome class valentines for Star Wars fans, see pin-photo, here.  This website: offers the FREE printable.  You fill with lasers; so cute!!

Want to be a Super-hero to your kids?  Trust me, these chalk rockets are the best - with faces worked into Cupid for Valentines Day.  Have a blast!!  Click on the image for the tutorial website.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Word About Vlogging as SEO Content for Authors..

When?!!  When will I ever find time to write, again?  When will I ever learn that rendering takes more time than it is supposed to, and when will I ever stop over-scheduling new projects thinking they won't take up 'that much time', before I have finished the books I have started?

So far the answer is, not today.  So I caution Indie authors looking for blog content to encourage readers, be accessible to them somehow, or increase search engine viewership - vlogging is addictive.  Like all addictions it takes you away from friends and family (or the lack of interaction with both could send you there); it might make you either sleep on the couch or sleep in your clothes (waiting for the rendering's bell to sound); and it may have you responding to the render bell like Pavlov's dog or a hyper-active golden retriever to its ball.  The existence of an author becomes kind of sad.

For now, I have an entire year of vlogging penciled in.  I will update you, here, as to how its going, or (being the kind reader or blogger you must be) you can subscribe to my channel to receive updates on how things are going in vlogland.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Better Luck Next Time!

If you are a Twitter follower, you already know: I did not win the Oregon Book Awards.  Congratulations Peter!

Good news, though: my book 3 in the vampire trilogy has been read over the Go Pro (my nickname) and has received many good reviews.  Thanks for putting up with my slow blog updates this last month and a half because of computer problems.  They are now solved, and I should get back to regular posting - probably 1 per week this year - in February.