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Come along on a magical, action-packed adventure inside the Faerie’s Ring! Discover the enchanting band of Ellewyon Faeries who inhabit Old Soul’s Hollow - a town at the edge of the Great North Woods. Are the faerie legends in the Hollow true? Discover what happens when humans step inside a faerie’s ring on the night of its magical, Hunter’s Moon Dance for an imaginative frolic through the Faerie Queen's world. Meet her Court and find out just what they have in store for the humans who have entered inside their ring.   The faerie’s plot to enchant a young sheep tender and a woman from Old Soul's Hollow disappears. Meet the tiny sized hero who bridges both worlds - human and faerie - to save his friends in The Faerie Ring Dance.

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At the end of a long, winding avenue at the crest of a rather steep hill, sits an extraordinary, old house of immense proportions. This house has all the scary stuff of a house in a really good ghost story, like turrets and gothic iron work, old doors that creek and little windows that poke out of attic bedrooms. It is 'home' to the family DeAngeliuson, a vampire as blood thirsty and beguiling as any known throughout history, at least he was up until he 'settled' here, from his blood thirsty days, curtailing his lifestyle (as many a father does when he settles in to raise a family). His daughter, Jessica, loves books and clothes. She wears yellow, not black, and she likes school. "It's like you hate blood!" her father moans wishing her to be more celebrity evil than straight A student. Does her father get his wish? And all too chaotic for him to control? Read it and find out in this mystery, The Quill Pen Killer.

In The Legend of Stygian Downs, Jessica - beloved, bookish, and reluctant vampire - has embarked on a college education in an English town that just so happens to be an ancient 'haunt' of her of-the-blood ancestors. Off to college to 'get away' from Dad's constant nudgings toward fright life, she actually gets into a bit more vampire legend than she can control when a new friend shows her a portal to The Underworld Castle.  The action has readers - and Jessica - discovering its vampire legend and Jessica ancient bloodline might have more to do with who she is becoming - away at college - than she once imagined.  

Book iii, the final book in the trilogy, The Vampire DeAngeliuson, The Nebulizer Potion and the Electric Compass, begins with a spoiler to the ending of Book ii, The Legend of Stygian Downs. So, dear readers, as not to ruin and spoil you like the typical vampire author might try to do, its best that you watch the trailer, read the book, or in other words, find out these things by yourselves (a.k.a. without me).  First clue to finding just what Book iii is about:

Buy this mystery trilogy and help Jessica solve capers with humor and more than just a few goosebumps at and Making reading fun!

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Adult Fiction Books and Synopses

 by Kara Skye Smith

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Leadville: 300 Days Away is a captivating story about love and survival about a secret camp in Leadville, Colorado, to protect Tibet during the resistance to Chinese invasion. The lives and ordeals of several Tibetan Resistance fighters involved in the top-secret, CIA mission are revealed in pieces that add up to a captivating story sure to engross its readers. Having never before seen a Westerner, three Tibetans are suddenly transferred to a camp, high up in the Rocky mountains; the nearest city: Leadville, USA. This story is about adapting, arising out of displacement and chaos to find oneself, then finding and balancing our commitment to our life's work. The author of this book reminds us of our imperfections and our strengths in a way that sneaks up on its readers for an insightful conclusion about how we can all make a difference in our world.

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This biographical play lyrically depicts Marc Chagall’s four-year stay in Paris living at La Ruche. Studios buzz with energy and brilliance created by the painters of the day. Avant Gaarde, they were called although they defied labels. They were the up-and-coming thing to challenge the art world’s Salons which had been dominated by the Impressionists until this new group came along blazing new trails in the world of Modern Art. Love of art, original expression and outlandish escapades of these Bohemians makes for an entertaining, alluring read. A world so alive with muses, inspiration, and determination obviously affects his art; however, he remains true to himself and the art he learned as a young painter in Vitebsk. Does the tradition he sticks to meld with this brave, new world?

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