Watch video reviews with a craft at Craft-A-Review.  These aren't typical reviews, instead there are book quotes and something fun to make that has something to do with a theme or a character in the book.  Read the review on the blog or just watch and craft along.

Faeries and vampires are fantasy genre favorites.  The YA - Young Adult - section is saturated with cosplay-able characters and series fans.  Here's a list Fae-tality Publishing put together to suggest favorite YA picks and highlight favorite, self-publishing heros:

New Page - Crafting A Review

Read my review, then view the 'inspired' craft - with something about the book as the inspiration for creativity.  All crafts have accompanying how-to videos.

Amanda Hocking - The Trylle Series and The Watersong Series

Gaspar and the Fantastical Hats - David A. Lindsey

Rainbow Rowell - Fan Girl

Outsider - Klaire de Lys

Fae-tality Publishing is an Indie label for self-published novels for an audience younger than YA's target audience, however a search for faeries and vampires sometimes lands readers, here, who are looking for YA rather than children's books .  Fear not!  You are not lost. YA's self-published authors have captured their share of the ebook market - encouraging self-published authors everywhere.

This children's vampire series is witty and fun for middle readers, but really can be for all ages:
Vampire DeAngeliuson Series:
The Quill Pen Killer
The Legend of Stygian Downs
The Nebulizer Potion (out this fall)

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