Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Word About Vlogging as SEO Content for Authors..

When?!!  When will I ever find time to write, again?  When will I ever learn that rendering takes more time than it is supposed to, and when will I ever stop over-scheduling new projects thinking they won't take up 'that much time', before I have finished the books I have started?

So far the answer is, not today.  So I caution Indie authors looking for blog content to encourage readers, be accessible to them somehow, or increase search engine viewership - vlogging is addictive.  Like all addictions it takes you away from friends and family (or the lack of interaction with both could send you there); it might make you either sleep on the couch or sleep in your clothes (waiting for the rendering's bell to sound); and it may have you responding to the render bell like Pavlov's dog or a hyper-active golden retriever to its ball.  The existence of an author becomes kind of sad.

For now, I have an entire year of vlogging penciled in.  I will update you, here, as to how its going, or (being the kind reader or blogger you must be) you can subscribe to my channel to receive updates on how things are going in vlogland.

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