Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Quotes from the Underworld

Book 3, The Nebulizer Potion and the Electric Compass, has been read online in a View for Review.  Here are a few quote to help you recognize and find Books 1 and 2 in the trilogy: The Vampire DeAngeliuson.
  1. "Silly witches, goats are for kids!"
  2. "..maybe it is I who should call around the neighborhood to let people know a vampire - my wife - is going out."
  3. "In a Rock-Paper-Scissors game of Underworlders, Vampire beats Witch, anyday!"
  4. " a scene out of the Underworld’s In Between only with the undead, night nixies and lurkers instead of trolls."
  5. “"Winker's jinx! I forgot to read ahead.  How do I get out of bat form?" Jessica totters off back toward the opening of the drain pipe and waits for Crucious Port."
  6. "Crucious points and yells at the Witch as she rides off, “Killer!”"
  7. "“Yes, please,” Drew encourages her, “do tell me if I should run for another town.”
Wondering about Book 2?  Hopefully, these won't spoil it all for you!!
  1. “And by Prestigious, you mean Vampire?…”   “You don’t have to be so condescending about it."
  2. "FYI - dear readers, if you ever find yourselves alone at night with a vision who utters ‘looks like you’ve seen a ghost’ your only hope of escape is trying the secret handshake which I have, just now, divulged to you.  Afterall, anyone could just say they are - a vampire - I suppose; but, these two are for real, and trust me, they know more than just the handshake."
  3. "The Witch sucks the entire thing into her mouth and spits it hard, back at him, hitting him right square in the eye."
  4. "Only a Witch won't change her shoes!"
  5. “O powers of cruel intentions!  I thought this door led to the way out!”  Jessica wails in disappointment.
  6. "...but the door is closed and there is no sight of the beast out front.
  7. “Did you shut that?” Theopolis asks Jessica."
The Legend of Stygian Downs, author Kara Skye Smith.

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