Sunday, June 21, 2015

New Page for Faerie and Dragon Book Fans

Awesomeness by Tony DeTerlizzi for The Spiderwick
Chronicles by Holly Black.
While balancing blog and vlog work loads, I recently began to listen to audio books.  While painting a boat and listening to dragons take the harbor, I thought about making a dragon.  Later, I went off to bed and read about faeries and princes before falling asleep.  A sleep that would entangle dragon magic with the darkest parts of the faerie forest.  After escaping and using a machete like a sword to return to my bed, I awoke determined to give myself more time for adventures during daylight hours.  First, I crafted a Dark Forest Faery Prince, along with my book review, and then I crossed out faery wings for July's vlog post and rewrote Dragon Wings as the last words for another YA book review about the audio book were typed.

First steps to this new adventure start here! Craft A Review

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