Friday, July 10, 2015

Camp Time Again!!

It is July, and so with hot days, open windows at night, mosquitos, and a longing to dip into a pool comes the obsessive need to get my 1000 to 2000 words written for camp.  This year I started by calling my novel Camp, but changed to The Butterfly Specialist last week.  Speaking of change - its time for the Character Archetype!  I love believe-ability, even with dragons and cyber-punk dystopians, as I reader I want to believe!  This worksheet helps with your arc of change the character goes through.  Helps you set motivation, build tension, break your character at a proper breaking point to move him/her/self to change, and then slide down the arc taking prisoners, resisting and dying, or whatever your character is going to do.  This year, I have typed out all the words in the video so that you don't have to take notes or watch the entire thing for suggestions to create your own character arc worksheet.  Here you go, campers!!  Subscribe to my vlog: New videos every Tuesday and Saturday and every other Wednesday.

Click read more for the typed version of this video.

Describe Catalyst for Change:
What causes your character to feel the need for change?
What kind of tension propels the character toward change?
How would this character react to such tension?

Character's Personality Type (affects):
 - the manner in which a character confronts change in the story
 - the character's evident internal forces
(I give an example from my book: The Nebulizer Potion and the Electric Compass, character Crucious Port, a troll who goes looking for revenge)

Define Character's:
Internal Struggle - External Reaction
Tension - Breaking Point

Determine Character's Reactions:
 - Does the character want to change, begrudge a change, or resist change?

Any Further Outcomes:
Does the character take prisoners - in other words are any characters forced to change along the way with your character?
Are any dragged to 'the other side' against their will or left behind to die or continue on?
(I give another example with the character Crucious Port.)

Field for Your Worksheet:
- Character's Personality Type
- Character's Relationship to Catalyst
- External Forces Character Confronts a Need for Change
- Internal Forces Character Confronting  Need for Change 
- Mounting Tension
- Event which leads to confronting that change is necessary
- Struggle/Tension/Conflict which moves the character to accept or react  (leads to breaking point)
The Push:  the ultimate force expediting the character's actual change reaction
(something pushes the character over the top of the arch)
The Real Change: end point of the arc.  Does the character change or resist?  Does the character take any prisoners - are others required to change?

Hope this character arc worksheet helps!
Thanks for Watching!!

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